AYD Expertise


I've been geeking out about Afterschool and Youth Development (AYD) for over 25 years. It's a lively, messy, constantly morphing space big on potential, challenges, and people who care a lot. 

If you are in that space, and would like to explore it some more with me, please get in touch. 

-Krista Galloway, AYD Geek

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My workshops tend to be highly interactive. I can tailor training to your program's needs. Past workshop topics include afterschool STEM, understanding youth behavior, supporting creativity, and building learning environments.

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Is there a specific area that you'd like an outside lens on? I've worked with programs to develop curriculum, improve program quality, and access resources.

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Afterschool Classes

To keep myself honest

(and because it's fun), I lead afterschool STEM classes for elementary and middle-school youth. Email me for more information.